User Preferences

icon-user User profile, accessible from the User Menu is where all your personal preferences are configured.


Change login email

Use the Change button to update your user profile email address. An email will be sent to the new address with a one-time verification link to confirm the change. Any re-sends or new address changes will invalidate previously generated links.

Choose a Timezone and Time format

Select the timezone you would like to use for displaying Workspace data. All data and notifications are displayed in your timezone regardless of the data’s origin.

Time format is used to specify the default appearance of date & time information. Select a preset format from the drop down list or specify a custom format using time format tokens.

Resetting your password

The User profile has a Change Password section for immediate password changes. If you have forgotten your password you can use the Forgot Password link on the public site to send a reset link to your user profile email address.


Notification preferences

The Notifications section contains a list of Workspaces that you have been given subscribe notifications permissions for. Click or touch the Workspace labels to display your preferences.


Within each Workspace, you will see a list of Notification Categories specific to the Workspace. Use the SMS, Email & Voice checkboxes to set your preferences on what types of notifications you would like to receive for each Category.


You must also be subscribed to the individual Nodes you would like to receive the notifications for. See Subscribe to Nodes for full details. A valid phone number must also be provided in order to receive SMS & Voice notifications.


The Groups section displays a list of user groups your user profile is associated with. You can removed yourself from a group but you will no longer have access to Workspaces and notifications associated with the group. Only account administrators can add users to groups.


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