Events contain details about user interactions, alarm history and system generated notices.

Event Attributes

Consumers of Events should tolerate the addition of new attributes and variance in ordering of attributes with ease. Not all attributes appear in all contexts. It is generally safe to consider a nulled attribute, an empty set, and the absence of an attribute as the same thing.

Attribute Type Description
_class String Identifies resource type: io.eagle.models.event.*
_id ObjectId Unique identifier for this event
level String Detail level of event: [DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR]
eventTime Time ISO8601 timestamp associated with the event
message String Event description
alarmState String Indicate if event is associated with an alarm: [NONE, ACTIVE, ACKNOWLEDGED, CLEARED]
nodeId ObjectId Id of node associated with the event (where applicable)
nodeType String _class of node associated with the event (where applicable)
workspaceId ObjectId Associated Workspace _id
ownerId ObjectId Associated Owner (account) _id
username String User or process that triggered the event

Retrieve events

Retrieve a list of events available to the authenticated API key. Optionally filter by attribute values.


Argument Example Description
startTime 2017-08-16T02:00:00Z Optional. ISO8601 url encoded timestamp
endTime 2017-08-16T02:20:43Z Optional. ISO8601 url encoded timestamp
attr eventTime,message Optional. Comma delimited list of attributes to include in response
filter level($eq:DEBUG) Optional. Filter the records based on attribute value(s). Note: eventTime can not be used as a filter
limit 100 Optional - Default is 10000 when both startTime & endTime are specified. 1000 when startTime or endTime is omitted. Maximum number of records to be returned. 1-10000
skip 50 Optional. Skip the first n records returned. Can be used with limit to paginate results
sort eventTime(DESC) Optional - Default is eventTime(ASC). Comma delimited list of attributes to sort by. Optionally include sort direction in parentheses or default to ASC: [ASC, DESC]


GET /api/v1/events


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
        "_class": "io.eagle.models.event.Event",
        "_id": "58d3508c8d6a80f2bd7eaf2e",
        "alarmState": "NONE",
        "message": "Processed 60 records from sensors.dat [4 parameters updated]",
        "eventType": "ACQUISITION",
        "eventTime": "2017-03-23T04:35:24.000Z",
        "nodeId": "57d799d86a559fb79215b5c1",
        "nodeType": "",
        "level": "DEBUG",
        "workspaceId": "57e0a4d8a19b65042ad079c2",
        "username": "System"
        "_class": "io.eagle.models.event.Event",
        "_id": "58d0b9df0bb36d2965e5b745",
        "alarmState": "NONE",
        "message": "Rename node 'Cond' to 'Conductivity'",
        "eventType": "CONFIGURATION",
        "eventTime": "2017-03-21T05:27:59.000Z",
        "nodeId": "58bf63d57426a2b19ea63f54",
        "nodeType": "io.eagle.models.node.point.NumberPoint",
        "level": "INFO",
        "workspaceId": "577b5a821f704bb5a3f1411b",
        "username": ""

Create or Delete events

You can Create events or Delete events for a specific node via the Nodes Resource.

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