icon-notification Notifications section is used to configure notification preferences for the account.

Notification Limits

Email notifications are free and unlimited.

Most account plans are bundled with a specific number of included monthly SMS. Additional SMS Packs can be purchased in quantities of 100 / month.

Managed accounts can have SMS limits specified or you can choose to Disable SMS for these accounts.

The Send SMS via email option will send SMS notifications for free to phone numbers in the USA using the recipients’ service provider email to SMS transport where possible. This option is only visible on primary accounts and is automatically applied to all managed accounts. The phone number field in user preferences indicates if an SMS email address is in-use for your user profile (after sending an initial SMS) and allows you to reset/retry if you change service providers.


The account owner will receive an email from the system when the total number of SMS sent within the current billing period gets close to the account limit. Another email will be sent when the limit is reached and no further notification SMS will be sent until the next billing period.

Notification Categories

Notification Categories provide a mechanism for users to filter the notifications they receive from a node they have subscribed to. All Nodes, States and/or Alarms that provide a Notification option require a Category to be specified. Users must individually select the categories in each Workspace they would like to receive notifications for. See Notification Preferences for full details.

Add, rename and remove categories as needed for your organization.



Removing categories will also remove associated user notification preferences. There should always be at least one notification category configured.

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