icon-chart Use the Chart View for reviewing your timeseries data as highly interactive charts. Choose to group data on charts by Location or Parameter type. Charts are displayed using the settings configured for each individual parameter. See Parameter configuration for full details.


The view displays content based on the Selected Node in the Workspaces Tree. Use filters to quickly target specific parameters or review alarms.



Locations Subview displays a chart per Location. Any Parameters contained within the Location will be displayed on the same chart. If a Location does not contain any Parameters (or the Parameters have been filtered), no chart will be displayed.



Parameters Subview displays a chart per Parameter (based on Parameter name). Useful for comparing Parameters of the same type across multiple Locations. Filters can be applied to reduce the number of charts and/or Parameters being displayed.



Custom Subview displays a list of pre-configured custom charts.


Working with charts

Parameter Values

Hover over a chart with the mouse cursor or touch part of the display area of a chart to display the value of the Parameters corresponding with the time on the x-axis.

Parameter values may be shown with aggregation applied - indicated with a duration and aggregate name in brackets immediately after the Parameter name. Aggregation is based on the date range of the chart data and the Parameter configuration settings. See Parameter configuration for full details.


Adjust Height

Use the grab handle in the bottom right corner of the chart to increase or decrease its height. This option is currently not available on touch devices.


Click and Drag (or pinch on touch devices) over the main chart area to zoom. As you zoom into the chart, higher resolution data is loaded for the selected period (depending on the parameter configuration settings).

Use the navigator located directly under the main chart area to pan the chart or zoom in/out.

Chart area selected for zoom


Chart after zoom


Toggle Parameter display

Click or touch the parameters in the legend above the main chart area to temporarily show/hide the corresponding trends. The chart y-axis automatically scales based on the visible parameters.


Save as image

icon-download Save the chart as an image by clicking or touching the download chart button at the top of the chart. The image may be saved automatically or opened in a new window, depending on your web browser.

Toolbar Controls

icon-calendar Date range selector is used to quickly adjust the date range being shown on all charts. You can always zoom in on individual charts, but you cannot zoom out past the range set by this selector. Use Custom Range to select precise start/end dates.


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