icon-events Every interaction (user and system generated) is recorded in the Events log. Use the Events View to quickly audit the system, a user or history of alarms.


The view displays content based on the Selected Node in the Workspaces Tree. Use filters to quickly target specific parameters or review alarms.

The events list is live updating and always displayed in reverse chronological order. New events are automatically added to the top of the list. Scroll down the list to view older events.


Searching the Event Log

Jump to Date

Use the Jump to date control to jump to a specific date. After scrolling down, you can scroll back up to show more recent events.


Detail Level

Select the Detail level of the event log. Debug is the lowest level and will show all events, select a higher detail level to filter out the less important events. For example Info includes Warning and Error events (but not Debug events). The available detail levels include:

icon-debug Debug

icon-info Info

icon-warning Warning

icon-error Error


Debug level events are automatically purged from the event log after 30 days.

Event Type

Filter events by Event type. Use this drop down to quickly find events related to a certain type of action. For example you can quickly display all Notifications that have been sent for the Selected Node. The available event types include:

Event Node Type Event Trigger Action
icon-datasource-acquire Acquisition Source
  • User operate action
  • Scheduled collection
  • Device connection
  • File received
  • API
icon-properties Configuration All
  • User configuration change
  • User or Group subscription change
  • API
icon-state State Change Parameter
  • Data acquisition
icon-notification Notification Source, Parameter, Report
  • Alarm raised/cleared
  • Report generated on schedule
icon-control Control Control Parameter
  • User operate action
  • API
icon-security Security All
  • User security change
  • User login/logout
  • API

Node Type

By default events will be displayed for the Selected Node and all Nodes it contains. You can use the Node type drop down to filter on a specific type of node. For example select Attachment to display all events related to attachments within the Selected Node.

icon-select-all All

icon-users Account

icon-workspace Workspace

icon-folder Folder

icon-location Location

icon-chart Chart

icon-dash Dashboard

icon-datasource Source

icon-point-number-range Parameter

icon-attachment Attachment

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