Wind Rose

Wind Rose charts provide a view of how wind speed and direction are typlically distributed at a particular location.

Using a polar coordinate system of gridding, the frequency of winds over a time period is plotted by wind direction, with color bands showing wind speed ranges. The direction of the longest spoke shows the wind direction with the greatest frequency.



icon-properties Configure properties via the Workspaces Tree’ context menu. Requires configure permission.


The General section allows a default Start range and End range to be set. This range will be used when the chart is initially displayed. Choose a preset or Custom OPC for relative time. Select Custom Fixed for absolute time.


Optionally enter a description to be displayed on the chart below the title.



The Axes section allows you to customize the style and functionality of the chart including Speed and Speed Ranges.


Set the legend title and speed units to be displayed on the chart and tooltips. Speed range colors is set to Automatic by default. If you would like to overwrite colors for speed ranges you should select Fixed and Edit the specific ranges that require changes.


Speed ranges

Click the Edit button to show and modify the configuration for each speed range including its lowest threshold limit. Use the Add range button to create new ranges. Ranges can be removed via the dropdown menu (accessible by clicking the menu button on the top-right corner of the range item).



Range items are automatically reordered based on threshold value.


The Security section displays a list of all users and groups that have access to the Node. Users with security permission can restrict user and group access to the node and its descendants by assign the No Access role.

New users and groups must be added via the Workspace Security section.

../../../../_images/node_security_users4.jpg ../../../../_images/node_security_groups4.jpg


The Account Owner, Administrators or Workspace users/groups that have been assigned a Workspace role with the configure permission can not be assigned the No Access role.

Public Access

Enabling public access allows anyone to view the node (attachment, chart, dash, report or historic data) using the generated URL.

You can also embed charts and dashboards into your own website with basic HTML. Select Copy embed HTML from the URL dropdown menu for a generic code snippet (you will need to paste this in to your website). You can also revoke and replace the automatically assigned URL by selecting the Generate new URL option in the menu.

Use the available options to customize the URL based on your display preferences. These options are transient and you can use multiple variations of the URL at the same time.



This feature is not included in Starter accounts.

Copy/Paste Charts

icon-paste Copy/Paste operations can be performed from the Workspaces Tree to quickly duplicate one or more charts. Links are automatically re-assigned to corresponding Nodes relative to the Chart if they exist at the destination. ie. You can copy/paste complete Locations containing charts without manually re-assigning all links.

Move Charts

icon-move Moving a chart within a Workspace will keep existing links. Moving a chart between Workspaces will invalidate any Link where the linked node is not available in the destination Workspace.

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