icon-properties General section provides an overview of the account and allows you to change your contact details and setup quality code information.


The account owner or manager can change the account name or view a summary of current usage.



Only the account owner or manager can change the account name or close the account.


Please ensure your contact details are always up to date so that we can contact you when required. You can optionally specifiy a different support phone number and email address for any public enquires or customer support requests.

Phone number should follow the standard international format starting with ‘+’ and including country and area code.

Email address is used for all account related correspondance with You should use your company admin email rather than your personal email address. eg.


Quality Codes

The Quality Codes section displays a list of the historic Qualities for this Account. Quality Code settings apply to all Workspaces in the account. Use the Add button to create custom quality codes.

Source and Quality Codes must be whole numbers between 0 - 65535.


Exclude quality
You can optionally choose to exclude Bad and Uncertain quality coded data from all historic data requests. Excluded data points will not be visible on Charts, Tabular data and Historic API requests.
Unspecified quality
Quality to assume when no quality code has been specified.
Unknown quality
Quality to assume when the quality code specified does not exist.
Source quality
Quality code(s) to match on acquired data. Separate multiple quality codes with a comma.
Quality code
Quality code to apply to the data for display and export. You can use the same Code as the Source or specify a custom code. Must be numeric.
Select a color to be assigned for this quality for display with current and historic data.

Refer to the Quality reference for further details.


System qualities can not be removed, but can be updated with new Quality Codes.

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