The interface is not displaying correctly or does not appear to be up to date

Try clearing your browser cache, refresh the page and ensure you are using the latest version of a supported web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari. Some browser addons or plugins are known to degrade performance and should be disabled when using

We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience.

Uploading attachment failed
Ensure you have a stable internet connection and retry. Some camera phones generate large files which may be time consuming to upload. Note: there is a file size limit of 100MB per file.

Location Nodes do not expand to show their contained Nodes in the Workspaces Tree
You must have configure permission on the Workspace to see Nodes contained within Locations from the Workspaces Tree. The content associated with the hidden Nodes will still be displayed in the Views.

Context Menu not displayed or has limited options
Most context menu items require certain Workspace permissions. If there are no context menu items available to the user then the context menu will not be displayed.

Other issue?
We are here to help, so please post a question or bug report on our forum or contact us at

Debug logging

If you are experiencing intermittent bugs or other software related issues, our software development team may instruct you to use our in-built debug logging feature. This will temporarily capture user interactions and other specific information which will assist our team to find and fix the problem.

To use this feature:

  1. Open the Support request dialog from the navigation bar and click the Start debug logging button.
  2. Close the dialog (or refresh browser) and perform the interactions/navigation steps needed to reproduce the issue.
  3. Re-open the Support request dialog and click the Stop debug logging button.
  4. If any critical data has been captured, a log file will be automatically saved to your device.
  5. Email the log file (along with a description of the issue) to
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