icon-integration Integrations provide extended functionality by connecting to apps from third party providers.


Intercom is a third-pary provider which offers a range of products for sales, marketing and support to connect with customers

The Intercom intergration for allows you to provide support to your users via a custom chat messenger, or “bubble”, embedded in It also provides insights into user activity on the platform.


Your custom Intercom chat bubble will only display on your custom domain.

To connect with Intercom, you need to provide with your Intercom App ID and Identity Verification Secret. You also need to have enabled Identity Verification for your Intercom account.

Your App ID is found in the URL when logged into your Intercom account:


Your Identity Verification Secret is found in the Identity Verification section of your Intercom account settings:


Once enabled, your custom Intercom bubble is only visible to non admin users who access from your custom domain. Admin users will still see the standard Intercom bubble.

To display your custom Intercom bubble to admin users as well, select your account name in the administrator support handler settings as shown below:


S3 Backup

The S3 Backup integration enables data files received by to be backed up to a specific S3 bucket in your own Amazon Web Services account.


This feature is a paid addition to Standard accounts, and is included with Premium accounts. Please contact to learn more about premium features.

To use this integration, first create a new S3 bucket in your AWS account to be used for the specific purpose of backups. Create an IAM user, and allocate an API access key to this user. The access key will consist of two parts: an access key ID, and a secret access key. Finally, assign write permissions for this user to the bucket.

With this information, you can then enable the integration and enter the three required settings:

  1. Bucket name
  2. Access key ID
  3. Secret access key

You can also enter an optional file name prefix.


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