Ratings CSV

Rating parameters support the import and export of rating configuration files from the user interface in a fixed CSV format as specified below.

The HTTP API can additionally be used to read or update rating parameter configuration in JSON format.

Example ratings.csv


Rating CSV line specification

Every line in the ratings.csv file defines a single rating. The file can contain multiple lines/ratings. Columns (separated by comma ‘,’) must use this strict format.

Column Example Description
1 “2020-09-25T13:30:00.000Z” ISO8601 start timestamp this rating applies. Note the double quotes around the timestamp.
2 “table” Rating type. Currently only supporting rating tables. Note the double quotes around the text.
3+ 0.1:15 Columns 3 onwards represent the rows in the rating table. Each column must use the format <input>:<value> which contains an input lookup value and result value separated by ‘:’. In the example shown 0.1 is the input lookup value and 15 is the result.


Rating configuration files require the ‘.csv’ file extension for import.

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