Frequently Asked Questions


What browsers do you support?

We support all modern browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Please ensure you have both Cookies and Javascript enabled and are using the latest version of your preferred browser.

google-chrome-html We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience.

How do I access an existing users data?

Account access is managed by the owner of the account and any nominated account administrators. Please request access directly from the appropriate persons in charge of the account.

New users will receive an email invitation with a link to enter their details and access the site.

What languages do you support?

English is currently the only supported language. We recommend you use the Google Translate extension for Chrome for other languages. Users can set their own locale and timezone display preferences.

What types of charts do you support?

We offer a variety of highly customizable interactive charts including Historic, Windrose and Displacement charts. Check out our charts documentation for full usage details.

How much historic data can I store?

We support the acquisition and storage of up to 20000 records per Data Source per day. Refer to Historic Data Limits for more information about storage limits.

Where is my data stored and is it secure?

We store all customer data securely on Amazon Web Services data hosting facilities located in Australia. Data is strictly segregated so that no user may ever view, tamper with, or become aware of the data of any other user. Refer to our Compliance section for full details.

Do you have a service level guarantee?

We provide a full service level guarantee (99.9% up-time commitment) to clients subscribed to our Standard (or larger) pricing plans. Refer to our SLA for full details.

Data Loggers

What types of data loggers, PLCs and RTUs are supported?

We support the following range of data loggers:

Campbell Scientific
Campbell PakBus loggers including CR200, CR300, CR800, CR1000, CR3000, CR9000, CRVW & CR6 series.
E State Automation CellVisor 3000/6000 series.

Thermo Fisher Scientific DT80 range.

Virtually any data logger that can Email or FTP data in CSV format.

Waspmote and Plug & Sense! range with support for Direct Connect or Meshlium


OTT netDL 500 and 1000.

Point Orange 3G
Metasphere Point Orange 3G RTU.


Halytech Spider SMS and microSpider range.

YDOC ML-315 range of data loggers.

WaterLog Storm3 series.

Support for a wide range of additional data loggers and devices is coming soon. Contact Us to find out how to get support for your device.

What connection options are supported?

You can use a variety of transport options to connect your data logger to including:

TCP Client
Connect to any device with a Public IP Address or Domain name (including DDNS).
TCP Server
WaterLog, SensorLog, Waspmotes and other devices can establish a direct connection to the cloud to stream data on schedule or event-based.
TCP Callback
Allow any remote device to establish an IP connection to using a special identification number. You can use your modem or data logger to send the Id on initial connection, or include a unique identifier in the data stream.
The Scout modem is the easiest way to connect your data logger to The Scout takes any standard internet ready SIM Card without the need for fixed IP addresses and has a range of smart features including inbuilt GPS, signal strength monitoring, event based reporting and low power mode.
Meshlium devices provide efficient routing of data collected from Waspmote devices in large Libelium sensor networks.
Send your data to the cloud via FTP/SFTP, Email or MQTT.

What level of functionality do you provide for connected data loggers?

  • Upload programs and firmware (including network wide updates in one click)
  • Perform Control operations (setting of public table variables in Campbell Scientific data loggers)
  • Create/update/merge parameters automatically as programs change
  • Synchronize device clock with timezone and daylight savings support

Can I connect to my data logger using 3rd party software?

Yes! You can enable Remote Access to your data logger at any time. An Internet address and Port will be allocated to allow you to immediately connect via TCP/IP. You can specify a session timeout and restrict access based on IP Address or allow connections from anywhere. Want to use LoggerNet or other tools for your low level operations - no problem. See Data Source configuration for full details.


What types of time series data files do you support?

We support most types of delimited text files such as csv, loggernet and other standard formats. See Data Source configuration for full details.

What file transports do you support for automatic collection?

We support automatic collection via the following transports:

  • Download from FTP site
  • Download from Web site
  • Email to
  • Publish using MQTT
  • Read from Amazon S3
  • Read from Dropbox
  • Upload to
  • Upload to

You can also manually import and export data files directly from the user interface or use our HTTP API for automation.

Can I upload other types of files?

Files of any type can be uploaded through the interface as an Attachment or use an Attachment Source for automated uploads. All content and files uploaded must comply with our Terms of Use.


Do you support cameras sending images or video files to

Yes, you can create an Attachment Source which accepts files of any type. The files are stored as Attachments and you can set your Locations to display the most recent images uploaded. Images and video can be reviewed in the media gallery or downloaded for offline viewing.

We support Email and FTP as the Attachment Source transport. To send via Email, your camera must have in-built support for emailing images/files with custom subject text. For uploads via FTP/SFTP you can simply enter the credentials provided on Source creation.

Note - live streaming video is not directly supported.

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