Sharing and Security

Every interaction with the system is authenticated to ensure the user performing the interaction or operation has permission to do so. provides 3 distinct types of user security in additional to anonmyous public access:


The user that signed up for the account. Only this user can close the account or change the subscription plan. The user has full unrestricted access to all assets and account settings including Managed accounts.


A user can be added as an Administrator of an account which provides them full unrestricted access to all assets and account settings excluding closing the account or changing the subscription plan. Administrators also have full access to Managed accounts.


Individual users or groups can be added to a Workspace and assigned a security role specific to the Workspace (role-based security). The security roles are maintained by administrators and the owner. Each role has a set of security permissions assigned (e.g. acknowledge alarms, export data, configure) which define the interactions allowed by a user or group for all assets (nodes) in the Workspace.

Workspaces can be shared with anyone. Users new to will receive an email notification prompting them to confirm their email address and configure their personal preferences. Select Security from the Workspace Node context menu to display the Security dialog. See Workspace Security for full details.

You can restrict user and group access to any Node in the Workspace by opening the corresponding Node Security dialog and assigning the No Access role.


The Events View provides an audit trail for all user interactions and system events.

Public Access

You can enable public access on specific nodes to provide a URL for anonymous public access to the resource. Public access can be enabled on custom charts, dashboards, attachments and parameters. Use the public access link for standalone viewing of the content in a web browser or embed the content in your own website.


The Public Access feature is not included in Starter accounts.

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